Advanced Technology for Human Performance


Regular monitoring of hormone levels combined with data analytics: The new essential instrument for Human Performance optimisation.




Go beyond activity tracking and unlock the potential of hormone monitoring

Founded in 2016 in the tech cluster of Cambridge (UK) and now based at Kent Science Park, Mint Diagnostics is re-defining how hormone data can be collected and used to improve Human Performance. Combining our proprietary salivary biosensing technology with measurement protocols and data interpretation, we enable a precise and individualised approach to health and wellness management within a variety of contexts, from elite sports to female healthcare.

Meet the Team

Stefano is co-founder and CEO of Mint Diagnostics. Stefano has over 15 years of R&D experience including 8 years of commercial R&D management and business development experience.

He is an internationally recognised expert in graphene technologies and was an Executive Board member of the EU Graphene Flagship project. Stefano obtained his PhD in Materials Science from Polytechnic of Turin in 2004.

Richard is co-founder and CTO of Mint Diagnostics and is an engineer with over 12 years of sensor R&D experience including 8+ years technology development, project management and wearable device prototyping experience at Nokia.

Richard gained his MEng in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and his PhD in Nanotechnology from University of Cambridge in 2008.

Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, with over 20 years CFO experience in various technology businesses including 15 years with the leading provider of geo-information products and services, Infoterra Ltd.  He is currently CFO for a number of VC backed companies.

Tony is a founding Technical Advisor of Mint Diagnostics.  Tony is a leading global expert in electrochemical biosensors and DNA technology and was one of the pioneers in blood glucose sensing where his work led to the first commercialised blood glucose measuring system.

Tony is currently Professor of Chemical Biology at Imperial College London.

Anna is the stress and cortisol measurement Scientific Advisor to Mint Diagnostics.  Anna has an international reputation in psychobiological research including physiological stress responses, and has conducted award winning work on the biological effects of stress and other psychological and behavioural factors across the lifespan.  She led the EU training network ‘PANINI’ studying the effects of physical activity and nutrition on ageing.  Anna is a Professor in Behavioural Medicine at the University of Stirling.

Richard is the Sports Science advisor to Mint Diagnostics. He is Technical Lead for Physiology at the English Institute of Sport and has provided physiological support to Olympic and Paralympic athletes and national governing bodies across three Olympic cycles. He is currently leading the EIS Bioscience program, focused on enhancing the EIS/UK Sport system’s ability to solve athlete health and performance challenges using biomarker research and innovation. Richard completed a PhD from the University of Surrey examining iron deficiency in endurance athletes, is a Senior Lecturer at St Mary’s University, a visiting fellow at Loughborough University and Senior Consultant Editor (Elite Sport) for the journal, Experimental Physiology.



  • Monitor training impact on athletes
  • Get insight into performance dips
  • Optimise training loads to achieve the greatest gains
  • Avoid non-functional over-reach, illness and injury
  • Link female hormones data to self-reported symptoms and performance

Corporate Wellness

  • Make Corporate Wellness programmes more effective
  • Quantify resilience and mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Enable employees to lead healthier lives
  • Improve performance and productivity across your organisation

Individualised Healthcare

  • Precise cancer management
  • Personalised IVF treatments
  • Female health and wellness


Portable diagnostics platform – No blood No lab

Innovation in salivary diagnostics

Our proprietary microfluidic system enables easy saliva sampling and analysis with no tools and no laboratory equipment. Our tests have the same accuracy and sensitivity as standard lab-based immunoassays, yet in a simple to use and portable format. In combination with our portable reader and software platform, we enable frequent monitoring of hormone levels, unlocking the unexplored potential of hormone data for several different health and wellness applications. Comparing with the industry standard method of shipping out samples for analysis in the lab, our innovative technology opens up a new realm of possibilities in the field of Human Performance.

Latest News

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No more excuses…

Dr Richard Burden and Dr Emma Ross This month’s Telegraph Women in Sport Supplement has done another outstanding job of bringing attention to some fundamental challenges sport faces in supporting health and wellbeing in female athletes.…
Dr Emma Ross
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Female Health and Performance Expert joins Mint Diagnostics

We’re delighted to announce that Dr Emma Ross has joined the Mint Diagnostics team as a Female Health and Performance Consultant. Emma led the way on tackling taboos surrounding female athletes, having spent many years as Head of Physiology…
English Institute of Sport/Mint Diagnostics
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EIS & Mint Diagnostics develop ground-breaking new hormone monitoring technology

Accurate, real-time data on hormone levels – without the need for blood samples or labs – has huge potential for advancing female health and athletic performance The English Institute of Sport (EIS) and Mint Diagnostics have developed…

Sports performance expert joins Mint Diagnostics

We’re glad to announce that Dr. Richard Burden has joined the Mint Diagnostics Team as our Sport Performance Advisor. Richard is an applied sports physiologist with more than 12 years experience working in elite sport. He’s been working…

The Science and Measurement of Stress

Here at Mint Diagnostics, we have Prof. Anna Whittaker of the University of Birmingham, one of the world’s leading experts in stress science, as a scientific advisor so we got together with her at the beginning of the year to get her thoughts…

Mint Diagnostics awarded Innovate UK funding to develop a quantitative stress assessment system for consumers

Mint Diagnostics has been awarded an Innovate UK grant after having successfully submitted a proposal for the “Emerging and Enabling Technologies Round 1” call. The grant will support the development of a stress monitoring device for consumers…

English Institute of Sport and Mint Diagnostics will work together in the development of a cortisol monitoring system for sports performance

English Institute of Sport and Mint Diagnostics have signed an agreement to start the joint development of an innovative cortisol monitoring system for elite athletes. The system will leverage Mint Diagnostics biosensing technology, enabling…

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