Sports performance expert joins Mint Diagnostics

We’re glad to announce that Dr. Richard Burden has joined the Mint Diagnostics Team as our Sport Performance Advisor. Richard is an applied sports physiologist with more than 12 years experience working in elite sport. He’s been working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes over the last 3 Olympic cycles. Richard is bringing invaluable knowledge to our team, which will be key to guiding and directing the development of our Sport Performance products, maximising the value of our technology to Sport professionals. “I’m truly excited about being on-board with Mint Diagnostics,” Richard says, “since I believe that this technology will provide key solutions to currently unaddressed problems in the field of Sport Performance. As an example, the science and medicine support of female athletes currently lacks precision due to our inability to measure hormonal fluctuations accurately in real-time. The adoption of Mint technology will solve this problem, allowing us to greatly enhance our care of female athlete health and performance”

Welcome on-board Richard!